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Mig wire CO2 wire respooling line layer winding mc

Mig wire CO2 wire respooling line layer winding mc

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Mig wire/ CO2 welding wire respooling line/ Welding wire layer winding line

For welding wire respooling from big metal bobbin onto plastic spool or wire spool with precision layer winding packing form. for Mig wire, CO2 wire, aluminum wire, copper alloys wire, stainless wire, nickle alloy wires etc.

  • Including: pay-off machine, take-up machine, dancer and electrical cabinet.
  • Wire diameter range: 0.8mm-2.0mm
  • Plastic spool size/weight; SD300/15KG,  D270/20KG, D200/5KG, D100/1KG
  • Wire spool size/weight: BS300/15KG, K300/15KG
  • Pay-off bobbin: 630mm, 720mm, 800mm according to customer
  • Max. winding speed: 23m/s  

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