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Mig wire/CO2 wire multi-line copper coating line

Mig wire/CO2 wire multi-line copper coating line

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Multi-line Copperplating/Copper coating system

for MIG wire/ CO2 welding wire production

 This system is used for Mig wire, CO2 welding wire, Submerged arc welding wire production, multi-line system is adopted for wire copper coating processing.                                              

A Summery

Copper coating production line are composed by ZWF-630 self-damp pay-off machine, wire carrying pulleys, copper coating tank assembly, traction & polishing machine and ZWS-630 wire take-up spooler, and also blowing system is set. The number of lines depends on customers demand and the dimension of workshop site.

B Pay-off machine

With the function of buffering and tension control, it plays a role to pay-off wire through wire carrying pulleys into copper coating tank assembly. There is no driving forces in the machine, there is a self-adjusting mechanical device to adjust the speed of rotating.

C Copper Coating tank assembly

Copper coating tank assembly is composed by the following:

Metal wool brushing tank-2m

Water-cleaning tank (room temperature water)-2m

Alkali-cleaning tank (degreasing), first tank-10m and second tank-10m

Hot-water washing tank-2m

Water-washing tank (room temperature water)-2m

Acid-washing tank-10m

Activation tank-6m

Water- washing tank (room temperature water)-2m

Copper coating tank (first coating-6m and second coating-10m)

Water- washing tank (room temperature water)-2m

Neutralizing tank-2.5m

Water- washing tank (room temperature water)-2m

Hot-water washing tank-2.5m

Drying tank-8m

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