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Dry Drawing Machine with Drop Coiler

Dry Drawing Machine with Drop Coiler

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Steel wire dry drawing machine with drop coiler

For GI wire, MIG wire, CO2 wire, nail wire, spring wire, bead wire, tyre wire etc.

  • Draw No: 7
  • Material to treat: Low carbon steel
  • Inlet wire strength: 450Mpa
  • Inlet Dia: 5.5-6.5mm
  • Min outlet dia: 2.0-5.0mm
  • Max. total compressibility: 84%
  • Max drawing force:5300N
  • Max drawing speed:  12m/s 
  • Cooling for capstan: Water cooling
  • Cooling for die: Water cooling
  • Take-up:  600mm or 800mm drip coiler ( dead-block coiler)  
  • Traction: Asynchronous motor with
  • inverter
  • Control: Digital control
  • Total power: 30KW*7
  • Brake time: Normal 50s, Emergency 3s, Quick 15s.
  • Water: 0.2Mpa, 1.2-2.5MT, Hour, Capstan
  • Power: 380V+, -10%, 50HZ, >300A
  • Air: 0.3-0.5Mpa, consumption 2M3, hour
  • Manufacturer information: Hangzhou Xingguan Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    Contact person: MR.Allen Hu    E-mail: osm at ztxg.com, skype: hangzhouxingguan Mobile: 0086-138 6712 9219